Hello There! You have arrived at our blog spot. Our website is where we are waiting for you. Hurry on over to: youturnthepage.com

WE HAVE MOVED! Click on this link. We’re waiting to greet you at our new and exciting home: youturnthepage.com

Here at “Turn The Page“, we would like to think of ourselves as your personal growth coach as you begin a new phase of your life. Whether you are formerly incarcerated, having difficulty re-integrating back into society, need training skills development, or wanting to improve your personal and social development skills, you have come to the right place. “Turn The Page” is here to assist you in becoming a better you on purpose. It is our intended purpose to help you exceed beyond the barriers that prevent you from achieving your ideal successfully. Now that you have gotten a new opportunity to demonstrate that you are ready to become a viable and integral part of our community, we are committed to helping you stay on task with your parole or post-release mandates. Your success is our success! If you are ready to “Turn The Page”, then we are ready to help you “re-write the script”. Let’s get started today!

The Turn The Page Community Development Staff

**All information on this website (except where otherwise cited) is the intellectual property of “Turn The Page Center for Urban and Adult Development”, and may not be copied or transferred in digital or printed format without the express written permission of the owner of this website. See the ABOUT page for more information. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Hello There! You have arrived at our blog spot. Our website is where we are waiting for you. Hurry on over to: youturnthepage.com

  1. This insghtful and very thought-provoking. Turn the page title in itself is initing my creativity and steering me to participate in what seems to be a very power well organized program for change..


  2. I really am looking at it from my desk top now and wow!!!, I love the creativity and the compassion put forth to building this page and to extend your right hand of fellowship with partners and like minded entities, you are on the move and I digress as to allow your pasture of knowledge to be gleaned by May and I without reservations or concerns. I here should you need me. We also have Inland Congregation United for Change as partners along with PICO/ http://www.icucpico.org great work and please lets stay intimate with our creator to gain more leverage within our callings.

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